The urge to remove Chinese apps from smartphones and boycott Chinese products was ignited by PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative. This led to the arrival of the “Remove China Apps” app to get rid of the apps from the China mainland and go for other alternatives.

However, the app was taken from the Google Play Store a few days after its launch and currently, you need to remove Chinese apps for solution of this problem we develop another app which name is “Apps Remover”.

Past incidents also claim that Chinese apps are responsible for sharing user data with Chinese servers. Because of this kind of thing we have decide to put our step against “Chinese app”, so We create “App Remover”.

It is very easy to find unused apps on your phone, This app lists all unwanted apps on your phone. Unused apps are not secure your phone to remove that app you can scan and select unused apps that you want to uninstall, and click the Delete icon to uninstall them.

“App Remover” will help people to support “Atm Nirbhar Bharat” by identifying the origin country of the applications installed in their mobile phones.

Download Link:

How it works:

  •  Install in your Mobile
  •  Scan the apps installed in your mobile.
  •  After scanning it will list Applications and respective country name
  •  You can choose which app you want to uninstall and which app you want to keep, and uninstall the apps one by one in single click.

Features Of Our Apps

1.User Friendly Interface

  •  Our Application provides a complete user friendly interface. Because now days many people have smart phones with bunch of application. But people can’t able to use that all app well. Because if you make your app difficult to navigate then the user will lose interest fast due to difficulty. So here we maintain this thing and its very user friendly app.


  •  Fast loading screens are vital. No one likes waiting, particularly when all they have to look at is a screen-loading symbol and this frustration soon gives way to boredom resulting in a decision to seek something better. So in this app you can’t need to wait for every operation, it is very simple and very quick.

3.Good resolution

  •  We are providing it with very good graphic. Because in past user only focus design this they only focus on functionality. But now a days this is also high required thing in the market. Now days if your app design, then it’s difficult to deal with user.


  •  We are Providing this app in only Android device. We are not giving this on any other platform, but still we need to keep the word “Flexible”. Because, the user will install the app in many different device (eg. different size of tablets And Smart Phones).
  • If the user can come with a variety of devices and he/she want to perfect the user interface on those all devices. If user have a variety of devices, then you must have needed to fulfil this requirement. We keep this in our mind and and made this application .so now user can take any android will work perfectly in all devices.

5.Search options

  •  This is a basic feature of every application because in every application you need to search particular thing and you are always using search option. But in our search option, meaning is something different means here you can only find an unsafe app (Chinese apps) with the use of our application. This is kind of searching operation. But here you will get only Chinese apps in result for uninstall with tap of only one click.

6.User feedback

  •  We are always doing this because this thing is always being good for us. If you are developing and developing something in a market, then user satisfaction is must required. And for us nothing is bigger than user satisfaction. So we are taking feedback and after that, always improving our product as per user requirements.


  •  Now days you can’t not sit after developing one particular thing. You must have needed to future plans (king of update). And Within time you need to update your product continuously as per user requirements. So for that we are taking user feedback and also as per our plan, we are adding new things in this application for our users. Because “User satisfaction is our satisfaction”.

We will continue improve the list in this app.