Features Of Laravel Framework(PHP)

We know that PHP is the oldest programming language used by the programmers, and more than 10 million websites are developed by using PHP. PHP is a very suitable programming language as it satisfies the business requirements whether the business is big or small. Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks having a high rich set of functionalities.

Laravel is provided with a well-defined toolbox that allows the developers to write less code leading to less possibility of errors.

Here, In List You can see some features of laravel :

1) Authentication
2) Eloquent ORM
3) Innovative Template Engine
4) MVC Architecture Support
5) Secure Migration System
6) Intact Security
7) Unique Unit-testing
8) Libraries and Modular
9) Artisan

Authentication is the most important factor in a web application, and developers need to spend a lot of time writing the authentication code. Laravel makes a simpler authentication when Laravel is updated to Laravel 5. Laravel contains an inbuilt authentication system, you only need to configure models, views, and controllers to make the application work.

Eloquent ORM
It enables developers to access, edit, and create, databases using PHP, rather than working on SQL for object-relational database related queries. Everything in a relational database need to be linked, integrated, and managed, ORM makes it much easier and faster. The need to code in 1 language is enormous while developing huge applications, the ORM makes it all possible while keeping the integrating part simple.

Innovative Template Engine
Laravel provides an innovative template engine which allows the developers to create the dynamic website. The available widgets in Laravel can be used to create solid structures for an application.

MVC Architecture Support
Modular view control helps ensure the best of both worlds, it makes sure the units of a modular design can all be controlled from one place while working in the integrated environment. The widely popular MVC architecture is completely and fully supported by Laravel for convenience and modularity. It helps in improving performance, allows better and faster documentation, and makes way for multiple functions.

Secure Migration System
Laravel framework can expand the database without allowing the developers to put much effort every time to make changes, and the migration process of Laravel is very secure and full-proof. In the whole process, php code is used rather than SQL code.

Intact Security
Application security is one of the most important factors in web application development. While developing an application, a programmer needs to take effective ways to secure the application. Laravel has an inbuilt web application security, i.e., it itself takes care of the security of an application. It uses “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” to generate the salted password means that the password is saved as an encrypted password in a database, not in the form of a plain text.

Unique Unit-testing
Laravel is the preferred framework for web app developers due to its excellent way of unit testing. Laravel is capable enough to run multiple unit tests to ensure the new modifications done by the developer do not suddenly break the web apps. Generally, laravel is considered to have stable releases in the industry as it is careful of the known failures. Apart from this, the developers can easily write the unit-tests in their code.

Libraries and Modular
Laravel is very popular as some Object-oriented libraries, and pre-installed libraries are added in this framework, these pre-installed libraries are not added in other php frameworks. One of the most popular libraries is an authentication library that contains some useful features such as password reset, monitoring active users, Bcrypt hashing, and CSRF protection. This framework is divided into several modules that follow the php principles allowing the developers to build responsive and modular apps.

Laravel framework provides you with a built-in command-line tool called Artisan, which helps you automate the several tedious, repetitive programming tasks. Artisan even allows developers to create their commands and do useful things with it.

So these are the some of the points of Laravel Framework. For more get in touch with us at [email protected]