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Features Of Laravel Framework

Features Of Laravel Framework(PHP) We know that PHP is the oldest programming language used by the programmers, and more than 10 million websites are developed by using PHP. PHP is a very suitable programming language as it satisfies the business...

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Best PHP Frameworks

PHP has been one of the most used programming languages for developing websites and applications. Although the language is considered to be quite stable and secure, it has seen a fair share of evolution since its release. But as time has passed, the...

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List of Best Chinese Apps Alternatives

In the current years, the app ecosystem in the Indian market has been taken over by Chinese apps. At present, most of the top Apps in the play store have Chinese roots. Many experts claim that Chinese apps collect user data and even some personally...

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Odoo 13 Roadmap

Odoo v13 Roadmap Odoo, the best all-in-one management software is getting its version 13 soon and we can’t wait to see the improvements. Odoo is releasing its new version Odoo 13 soon on October 2019 with many awesome features. Each and every Odoo ERP...

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