In the current years, the app ecosystem in the Indian market has been taken over by Chinese apps. At present, most of the top Apps in the play store have Chinese roots.

Many experts claim that Chinese apps collect user data and even some personally identifiable information.To prevent from this we all have one path. But actually we don’t know about it. Right now we want to share something which will really be help to come out of this issue.

Now if you think without the use of chinese app we can’t stay. It’s part of our life, but you are thinking wrong. Because, We have many good alternatives of these.

We are giving you some better alternative of Chinese apps through this blog.

1. Triller (Alternative to TikTok / Likee / Kwai)

  •   if you want best alternative of tik-tok.then According to us Triller is best example. you will understand well using this below paragraph.
  •   Celebrities like Kevin Hart or Selena Gomez use Triller to record and edit their social media videos because the app makes this process simple. You just have to record the footage, and the auto-editing algorithm will do the rest for you. Triller’s video editing tools enable you to trim or cut videos, apply more than 50 filters or even draw over the videos so you can express your creativity fully.
  •   If you would like to collaborate with your friends, this app is a great choice, since it offers powerful collab video features. However, Triller is not a networking platform, as it is only a video editing app that doesn’t have a community aspect. The app’s file-sharing options, on the other hand, enable you to post videos you created to your social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or save them to the camera roll.

Install Triller : Android / ios (Free, offers in-app purchases)

2. Google Chrome – (Alternative to UC Browser and CM Browser)

  •   if you want best alternative of UC Browser.then According to us Google Chrome is best example. you will understand well using this below paragraph.
  •   Google Chrome supports dark mode and gets a dedicated Lite mode for saving on data consumption. Plus, it lets you save and sync your accounts, passwords, and payment methods across all your devices.
  •   The good thing is that Chrome features safe browsing to protect you from potentially harmful websites. It also gets built-in Google Translate that can translate entire webpages to any language with one tap.
  •   Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers for both smartphones and desktops and hence a worthy alternative for these Chinese apps. Google takes security and privacy seriously and continuously updates Chrome to protect users from harmful websites and malware

Install Chrome : Android / ios (Free)

3. Files by Google (Alternative to SHAREit, Xender)

  •   if you want best alternative of SHAREit and Xender. then According to us Files(by google) is best example. you will understand well using this below paragraph.
  •   Google’s own Files Go is a wonderful file manager that has been designed to remove clutter on your Android Phone. The app can automatically pickup hidden and discarded waste like unused APK files, duplicate files, Good morning messages, etc. and then allows you to delete all of them at once
  •   Files Go also has an Airdrop like File Transfer tool too. It’s the same drill. Both devices should have Files go installed. One will be the sender and other the receiver. After both devices have approved the connection, you can send/share apps, images, videos, and documents. The app is simple, secure, and clutter free.
  •   Base on this you guys easily understand that you have very good option of xender/shareit and this is also better then xender or shareit

Install Triller : Android (Free)

4. Adobe Scan (Alternative to CamScanner)

  •   if you want best alternative of CamScanner .then According to us Adobe Scan is best example. you will understand well using this below paragraph.
  •   An application by Adobe, this app is filled to the brim with tons of features. Built in algorithms detect the kind of document you are scanning like receipts, notes, ID cards, or any form of paper, and will crop the image accordingly, saving you a lot of time. There are also tools to enhance the images you just took.
  •   The best function though, is probably the ability to use OCR to detect text in pictures. Unlike CamScanner, the app doesn’t put deliberate watermarks on your documents either.
  •   Base on this you guys easily understand that you have very good option of CamScanner and this is also better then CamScanner.

Install Adobe Scan : Android / ios (Free, offers in-app purchases)

5. WhatsApp (Alternative to WeChat)

  •   if you want best alternative of WeChat.then According to us WhatsApp is best example. you will understand well using this below paragraph.
  •   WeChat is the application that is used in China. Over the years, it has become an operating system in itself, allowing users to pay, shop, make calls, and more. WeChat is even popular outside China and millions of people use it daily. But it’s no secret that the Chinese government heavily monitors messages on WeChat and censors anything that it deems harmful.
  •   The best app to replace WeChat is WhatsApp. It’s end-to-end secure, and is used by almost everyone in the world.

Install Triller : Android / ios (Free)

6. KineMaster (Alternative to VivaVideo)

  •   if you want best alternative of VivaVideo.then According to us KineMaster is best example. you will understand well using this below paragraph.
  •   VivaVideo is a popular app for editing videos on your smartphone. But you should not be using it if you value your privacy. In a recent article published on VPN Pro’s blog, it’s considered VivaVideo and other apps from the same company as Chinese spyware.
  •   In fact, Indian government itself had blocked this app back in 2017 for spying on Indian users.
  •   If you are looking for a full-fledged video editor, I suggest you use KineMaster .this app offer extensive features and allow you to edit your videos just the way you like them.
  •   This brings pro editing features like multi-level timeline, support for video, image, text, and audio, and precise editing tools such as trim, cut, precise audio controls, color LUT filters, and more. And while KineMaster is also available on iOS, as a video editor on iPhone

Install KineMaster : Android / ios (Free)

7. Candy Camera (Alternative to BeautyPlus )

  •   if you want best alternative of Candy Camera.then According to us BeautyPlus is best example. you will understand well using this below paragraph.
  •   While we have not received any privacy concerning news for BeautyPlus, it is based in China, and giving it access to all your private photos might not be a good thing. If for this reason or a reason of your own, you want to get rid of BeautyPlus, Candy Camera is your best option.
  •   Every filter will make you look beautiful and you will capture selfies that are ready to be shared across social media sites like Facebook. If you take a ton of selfies, this is the perfect app for you.

Install Candy Camera : Android / ios (Free with ads)

8. Google News (Alternative to UC News and NewsDog)

  •   if you want best alternative of UC News and NewsDog .then According to us Google News is best example. you will understand well using this below paragraph.
  •   Both UC News and NewsDog are one of the most popular news apps in India. But they also feature in the list of 52 apps released by Indian Intelligence agencies. Thankfully, there are many great news apps that you can use to replace these apps.
  •   My favorite is the Google News app. Not only it gets you the latest news, but it also shows you multiple sources for the same story so you can form your own opinion.The app itself is light and works without any hiccups even on budget devices. I also love its clean UI and reading experience.

Install Google News : Android / ios (Free)

9. Avast Antivirus ( Alternative to Virus Cleaner)

  •   if you want best alternative of Virus Cleaner.then According to us Avast Antivirus is best example. you will understand well using this below paragraph.
  •   Most apps that claim to be virus cleaner on Android and iOS devices are just a place to serve your ads and acquire your data to sell it. And now that Virus Cleaner is prominently featured in the report (mentioned above) as a threat to security, it’s time to let go of this one.
  •   I always say that common-sense will help you more than an anti-virus software on your smartphone. But, if you don’t trust yourself and want an anti-virus and anti-malware app, I suggest the Avast security app. Avast has always been at the forefront of virus protection and offers a really good Android and iOS app.
  •   It sends alerts when spyware or adware-infected apps are downloaded onto your device. It even secures your device against phishing attacks from emails, phone calls, infected websites, or SMS messages. And there’s a built-in VPN for providing extra security and privacy

Install Avast : Android / ios (Free, in-app purchases)

10. Myntra (Alternative to ROMWE, ClubFactory, and SHEIN)

  •   if you want best alternative of ROMWE,ClubFactory, and SHEIN.then According to us Myntra is best example. you will understand well using this below paragraph.
  •   Both ROMWE and SHEIN feature in the national security threat list release by Indian Intelligence agencies. If you are using them to buy clothes, you should stop doing that, at least until the security issues are resolved.
  •   I suggest Myntra as it has a large collection of merchandise and offers heavy discounts. I use it for buying clothes, bags, and accessories. But you don’t have to stick to it. For replacing these Chinese shopping apps, you can also use Amazon.

Install Myntra : Android / ios (Free)